Our Life in the Trinity Studies

Welcome to Our Life in the Trinity Studies, the companion site for Our Life in the Trinity blog (lifeinthetrinity.blog) and YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@ourlifeinthetrinity).

RCL Study Questions–Year A

RCL Study Questions–Year B

RCL Study Questions–Year C

Spirit of Unity

OLITCreative–For Your Inspiration

The RCL pages provide study questions based on the Revised Common Lectionary gospel, and some New Testament, reading for each week. They may be used in group settings and are design to provide an opportunity to thoughtfully consider the Scriptures in a Christ-centered way, which keeps in view our inclusion in the life of Father, Son, and Spirit through Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, and in the sending of his Spirit. Blessings in your study of God’s Word.

The Spirit of Unity page has contributions by GCI elder emeritus Lloyd Briggie, related to our life in Christ. Enjoy!